Indian Independence Day Speech for Students

Hello friends, Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August every year after 1947 and being a lucky student, maybe you got the chance to speak about the Independence Day this year. For this, we have a pre-cooked speech which you can pickup to speak in your institution assembly. The speech given is absolutely free, but we do not allow our readers to share it anywhere else on the internet without seeking permissions of the admin of this blog.
Here’s the speech for Independence Day (for Students). If you are a teacher, then please checkout the Independence Day speech for Teachers (link will be added soon)!

This speech has been written by keeping mind that it will be spoken in assembly of the school and is barely a 2-3 minutes speech which is the best timing to deliver a speech. This Independence Day speech has been written on true events and in an easy language. Now let’s leave the chit-chat and focus on the main part of the post – Speech..!


Independence Day Speech for Students!

Good Morning to all of you. Since this is a very auspicious day for all of us Indians, I’m not going to bore you with catchy pickup lines because this is about our Mother land, the India. Yes, I am mentioning it as “the India” because there’s no country in the world like ours.
Rolling back to 70 years, we had great leaders who helped us getting freedom from Britishers. And just to celebrate their achievement we celebrate the Independence Day on 15th August.
You are sitting there just because of them. Infact even I’m having the right to speech because of the Independence act only. We all know how India became Independent, but in brief, it was a movement lead by Mahatma Gandhi and their supports against Britishers who were ruling India for over 200 years. On 1947 the day arrived, and we got our Independence, but however we lost the Mahan Atma, Mahatma Gandhi.
We can never forget the sacrifices of Bhagat Singh, Chandra Sekhar Azad and Khudi Ram Bose who leaving their family fought for our Independence Day. And yes, I did not skip Mahatma Gandhi and Subhas Chandra Bose better known as Gandhiji and Netaji respectively who collectively taught us the importance of Non Violence in the World. Leading to which India became one of the countries which got Independence without violence!
Now fast forwarding to 2016 we are the fastest Growing Economy on the whole Globe overtaking China in 2015. Not just in Economy, we are developing in Technology, Sports, Finance and various other fields too which was impossible without the Independence Day act. Now in the upcoming years, it will be our responsibility to save India from corrupt people and make it the best nation!

Jai Bharat!


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